Accounting: Accurate reporting and record keeping are an essential part of running a business. KKB&N offers a wide variety of accounting services to help your business run smoothly, including:

  • financial statement preparation
  • cash flow budgeting and forecasting
  • general ledger review
  • fixed asset management

Audit Services: KKB&N offers audit services to private companies and non-profit organizations to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Our audits also provide an opportunity to look closely at your organization’s processes, allowing us to identify means of streamlining operations and a chance to detect problems before they turn into a crisis.

Bookkeeping: As a small business owner, you need to stay focused on your core business. KKB&N can take care of your routine bookkeeping tasks so you don’t have to. We will handle all of your bookkeeping needs, including:

  • bank reconciliations
  • payroll calculations
  • payroll and sales tax management
  • checkbook adjustments
  • and more

Tax Planning & Preparation: 

KKB&N offers tax planning and preparation for the following:

  • individuals
  • corporations
  • partnerships
  • estates and trusts
  • non-profit organizations
  • and limited liability companies

Our partners and staff keep current on the latest tax laws and legislation and will work with you throughout the year to develop effective tax strategies and minimize your tax liabilities.

Succession Planning: One of the most important parts of running a family business is planning for succession.

Is passing the business along to your family the right choice, or should you sell to a third party?

Will your family own or manage the business, or both?

Our firm can help you ensure that every angle is considered before you make a decision.

QuickBooks Setup & Support: As Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, our firm can answer all of your questions about the QuickBooks program.

  • Choosing the right version of the program
  • Provide setup and installation assistance
  • Provide initial or ongoing training for your staff

New Business Formation: Setting up a new business? KKB&N can help you select the appropriate entity type and make sure your incorporation documents are filed properly. We will help you set up new financial systems and answer questions about tax planning for the business.

IRS and State Tax Issues & Problems: If you need help with an audit or IRS dispute, professional guidance can be invaluable. KKB&N is happy to work with you to ensure a prompt resolution to your problem.

We have extensive experience dealing with federal and state agencies and will contact them directly on your behalf — so you don’t have to.